Try Pinks Boutique

Pinks Boutique is a Professional, Natural and Certified-Organic range of products created by an unlikely meeting of minds. Luke Sherriff, a human scientist, and Kirstie Allen, a historian, met at Oxford University.

There seemed little to link his interest in the human body with her specialist subjects of women and South East Asia. Together as their careers blossomed – as a professional rugby player and Director of Pinks Training Academy respectively – their interests began to overlap. While Luke turned to organic food for his body, Kirstie began to explore organic cosmetics for her clients and students.

Their shared a love of Asia, where by now they travelled extensively, brought Pinks Boutique to life. By combining their desire for pure organic products with a fascination for the beautiful flowers, unique aromas and exotic ingredients of Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand and Japan, they were able to create and blend at home the most inspiring complete professional and only organic spa range on the market at the time.

Pinks Boutique is now a prime product in our salon and we are happy to be a seller of their dream. To find out more about their products and the treatments we do at Scruples, please feel free to speak to one of our beauticians.

To find out more about Pinks Boutique, please feel free to have a look here via their official site.